A custom home designed for your lifestyle

“We’re going to do it right.”


Building your own custom home is a big investment into your family’s future, and in the words of Felicia Cisneros, “you get what you pay for.”

Felicia was born and raised in Palacios, Texas. She’s a graduate of Palacios High School and gives back to the community she calls home by serving as a nurse at the local community medical center and nearby regional hospital.

Of six siblings, she’s the only one that remained in the City by the Sea in her adult years. Today, she and her husband are raising their own family in her hometown. They have one son, two daughters and share their home with Felicia’s mother. The Cisneros family had long planned to build their forever home and had since outgrown the home they were living in.

In 2008, the family acquired some land just outside the city limits for cattle grazing. It was Felicia’s husband who suggested earlier this year that they build on that tract. For years she had been compiling ideas for her forever home on Pinterest. She knew exactly what she wanted and began the search for a construction company that could deliver it.


Lynn Construction designs custom homes that meet the needs of their customers and fit their lifestyles.

“Our home needed to be not just what we want, but what we need,” she said.

She met with Jarad at Lynn Construction and began work on her plans.

“He took the photos I showed him from Pinterest and designed the perfect home for us,” said Felicia. “My mother lives with us, so he was able to make the mother-in-law suite fit perfectly into the floor plan.”

Her favorite features of the home include the stone wall, an accent wall and a sliding barn door.

“What I love the most,” she said, “is that there is no space without a purpose. There’s no wasted space in my home.”

As with the floor plan, the selections in the Cisneros home are truly custom as well. Felicia worked with Becca in the Lynn Construction office to take her ideas from Pinterest and search far and wide for the materials.


If you’re looking for that television show experience when designing your custom home, Lynn Construction has the tools and resources necessary to provide that service.

“One of the best parts was that Jarad could show me 3D renderings of the home with the selections I had made before work on the site ever began,” said Felicia. “I could see how the colors I picked went together and I was even able to move a wall that I didn’t like in the digital walkthrough. That would have been an expensive change had the home been framed when I noticed the layout didn’t work for me.”

When it came time to select the building contractor, Felicia knew that Lynn Construction would deliver the best results.

“Not only did we trust them to build it because it was Jarad’s design,” she said, “but the roofline is so complex and different that other builders we spoke to wanted to change it or worried about the challenge of constructing it.”


The building process was smooth.

“Especially at the beginning,” she said. “We got started quickly and hit the ground running. Jacob, our foreman, was always easy to reach and returned calls. I really liked how the crew let me be part of the process. The cabinet guys brought me in and made suggestions early on before even cutting a piece of wood.”

Felicia and her family are moving in to their new home just in time for the holidays.

“We can’t wait to have our family over to see the new house,” she said. “We’re so proud of it. I told my husband this is the first home we’re going to build and the last home we’re going to build. If we’re going to spend this kind of money, we’re going to do it right.”

Lynn Construction is honored to have had the opportunity to build the Cisneros family’s dream home.