Cammack Bardominium – A custom retreat

“This was my first time doing something like this, and I went in to it with a little apprehension. Lynn Construction made it easy. It was a very positive and stress-free experience.” – Mildred Cammack

When Hurricane Harvey wreaked havoc on her home in Richwood, Mildred Cammack knew it was time to go back to her roots and return to her family farm in Brazoria. Shortly before five inches of water invaded her home in August 2017, she had bought out her siblings to retain the 12-acre pasture near Highway 36 where she grew up and her mother before her.

“Lynn Construction came highly recommended to me from a friend in the banking industry,” said Mildred. “I didn’t want any ordinary home, and I was told that Lynn Construction could make my dream happen.”

Today, a fully customized barndominum sits back off the road in the same location that Mildred grew up baling hay with her father and tending to the pasture with her mother. Her vision began its journey to reality following a roundtable discussion with the team at Lynn Construction, in which Mildred described the components and ideas she had for her new home.

Following the hurricane, Mildred had converted a 24×14 shed on the property into a living quarters, and she was ready to get back to some semblance of normal. Lynn Construction committed to help get her there, and without delay.


Lynn Construction’s ability to fulfil her desires came as a result of the company’s all-in-one approach to design, engineering and construction. The 3BR/2BA home features several customizations that regularly garner comments.

“The tin color was a big discussion,” said Mildred. “You see reds and tans and greens all of the time. I chose a color called Gallery Blue. I must have started something because no one had ever ordered that color for an exterior before, now they use photos of my home to promote it.”

The personalized home includes an island crafted of 2x4s and tin from the old family barn, as well as a pantry door derived from a pocket door in the original homestead on the property built in 1928. Other custom features include a full-size staircase in the garage to access the attic–which Mildred says the HVAC service really appreciates–and a large window above the range.

“I wanted to be able to cook and look out on the pasture,” she said. “I know it’s not typical, but the crew was open to the idea and made it work out beautifully.”


Lynn Construction made the homebuilding process easy for Mildred, overall, she says she is very pleased with both the process and the result.

“Everyone, from the top of the company to the crew at the site were so easy to work with,” said Mildred. “This was my first time doing something like this, and I went in to it with a little apprehension. Lynn Construction made it easy. It was a very positive and stress-free experience.”

The updates throughout the process kept Mildred apprised of the progress on her home. She had a front row seat to the build as she was staying nearby on the property. For those who aren’t nearby like Mildred, Lynn Construction’s process includes an online tool complete with photo and video updates that allowed them to check in anytime, from anywhere.


Not only did Lynn Construction check off the boxes on Mildred’s wish list, but she says the company was great to work with all-around. She is especially impressed with their flexibility and responsive communication.

“The project manager was very accommodating of my work schedule,” she said. “He would meet out at the site before work, sometimes as early as 6 a.m. And if he couldn’t answer immediately when I called, I always had a return call back in a very short time.”

Today, Mildred enjoys her high-efficiency custom home with low utility costs and little to no road noise from the nearby highway.

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