How long does it take to build a custom home?

Lynn Construction homes are, more often than not, fully customized projects. When we say that the home is designed for your lifestyle, we mean it. That being the case, a typical building timeline can range from six to nine months. There are extenuating circumstances and other factors that can affect this timeline – such as supply chain issues, inclement weather and the homeowner selections process.

Where do you build?

Our service area is roughly a 60-mile radius around Palacios, Texas. This includes the communities of Port O’Connor, Port Lavaca, Edna, El Campo, Bay City, Sweeny, Sargent and Matagorda.

How soon can we get started?

Beginning construction is contingent on a few variables, the main one being financing. If you have plans in place, we can get started in about 30 days for an owner-financed project, or between 45 to 60 days on a home that is being financed through a bank.

Do you draw plans, or can I bring my own?

Yes, and yes. You can bring us plans to bid, choose from one of the more than 130 floor plans on our website at or choose to meet with our design team to develop plans that are fully custom and unique to you.

Do you have any homes that I can see?

Depending on the type of home you wish to build, and what other projects we have under construction at the time, it is possible that we might have an in-progress project to show you. We do have one model home, and we have many recent, happy customers that may be willing to open up their homes for an evening. There are also several galleries of recent projects on

Does Lynn Construction offer financing options?

We do not. We partner with several local lenders to help you find the options that best suit your needs and situation.

Do you do remodel projects?

Remodel projects are not our main line of work. We do, however, take them on from time to time. We evaluate them on a case-by-case basis. Feel free to fill out the form at and include the specific project information. We’re happy to see if it fits within our plans. If not, we will certainly point you in the direction of a competent local contractor that can help you.

Can I do some of the work to save money?

Unfortunately, we cannot allow homeowners to do work themselves on our custom home projects. It opens up too many liability issues and accountability problems when it comes to the quality and warranty of the work.

What are the differences between piling or slab foundation homes and barndominiums?

Barndominiums are a recent trend that produces some very unique homes. They provide for very open concepts and oftentimes they allow for a workshop to be connected to the living area and maximize the space under the roof. Contrary to popular belief, however, they are not significantly cheaper in terms of construction costs. In most cases, a barndominium project is around $10/sq. ft. less to build than a standard home on a piling or slab foundation.

What is your base price, or price per square foot?

Lynn Construction homes are truly custom homes. In most cases, we are not constructing a repeat of a previous home project. Because of this, there is no real base price. There are many variables that determine the investment you might make into a home that is truly designed for your lifestyle.

Cost per square foot really depends on the finishes and other factors such as materials costs at the time of contract, etc. It’s safer to wait until everything is organized to come up with a more accurate price range than to tell homeowners one thing and it changes due to something outside of anyone’s control between now and the time we get everything on paper.

The best way to answer this question is to fill out the form at and allow our team to speak with you directly about the type and scope of the project you might be exploring.