A modern classic, with a family touch


Jacob and Makenna Krenek had always wanted to build a home. Shortly after they were married in 2015, the two began planning the home in which they would start their family.

The couple chose to raise their boys where their own roots run deep. Today, their classic four gables farmhouse stands in nearly the same spot where Jacob’s childhood home once overlooked the Tres Palacios River in Blessing, Texas.

Makenna’s father grew up in Florida and still has family there. Visiting them as a child she was introduced to the charm of a classic farmhouse not commonly seen in coastal Texas. It was something she definitely wanted to bring to the young family’s home.

Impressed by an article in Southern Living about farmhouse living and being a nod to simpler times, Makenna worked with Lynn Construction to design her own modern classic.

The team got to work designing a space with a warm, comfortable atmosphere with loads of natural light, large porches and outdoor spaces for hosting and finishing touches that make the Krenek home uniquely theirs.

Makenna chose Lynn Construction because she knew the Lynn team would be family-oriented in the design and construction of her home.

“We’ve known the Lynn family our entire lives,” she said. “Dylan Carrillo [draftsman at Lynn Construction] was a groomsman in our wedding. We knew that they would treat us like family and help us do what was best for us as we started out.”

Throughout the entire process, Makenna was impressed by the Lynn Construction team’s communication and responsiveness.

“They really took care of us. They walked us through the process. They addressed our concerns no matter how small they might have been in the grand scheme of things. They were always reachable. They took the time to get things right, and to made sure we understood the details.”

She says that she learned a lot during her first build, and it’s made her that much more excited for her next one.

“I absolutely love my home,” Makenna said. “But as our family grows and life happens around us, our needs might one day change. If they do, and we build again, there is no doubt that we’ll use Lynn Construction.”

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