Kincer: Riverfront Rebuild

John Kincer needed a home that is designed and built for his unique lifestyle. His weekend home on the Colorado River was a nice escape from the office in Austin, but as he began to spend more time in Matagorda he needed something that better fit his needs.

After a long career with the Texas Department of Emergency Management (TDEM), John recently moved into Field Operations management for Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). This new role changes John’s home base from Austin, Texas, to his home in Matagorda, and means that he will spend close to 300 days per year on the road – as he answers the call nationwide where disasters happen.

“I moved to Austin in 2011 on a 90-day contract that turned into 10 years,” he said. Though the work week was spent in Austin, John made it back to Matagorda most every weekend to his home on the Colorado River.

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, his role transitioned to work from home like many others. He also knew that he was about to take on a new opportunity that would have him traveling for work more often.

“I decided to build a home that could be a rental property while I was out of town for work, and still comfortable for me to use as a home base when not on the road,” said John.

Although he had spent a few years flipping homes on the side, this project was John’s first build from the ground up.

On March 23, 2020, just as the coronavirus pandemic began to rear its ugly head, John signed his contract to begin the process of tearing down his old house and building a new home on his riverfront property.

“For a while there, I was the only person in a big office building in Austin,” he said. “I was taking care of everyone else’s plants and keeping up with the building.” He was also making do with temporary living arrangements with his home under construction.

Eight months to the day of getting started, John closed on his new home and moved in on November 23, 2020.

John’s home is a 3BR/2BA floor plan featuring an open concept living area with kitchen and dining. The living room opens to a large deck overlooking the Colorado River with access by stairs or passenger elevator.

His master bedroom features a large walk-in closet, master bath, and outdoor space with an exterior door and back deck. The bathrooms in his home have recessed showers, which is atypical for a piling home. Smaller floor joists were designed so that the shower floor finishes flush with the floor of the room, removing any lip that needed to be stepped over to enter the showers.

“Lynn Construction did a fantastic job,” said John. “I didn’t have to settle for anything. Everything I desired, I got.”

“I had a great experience with the team,” he added. “I loved working with Ray, he listened to me and communicated well. Jarad was a fantastic help, and Becca went above and beyond to help me with the right finishing touches.”

If you’re interested in renting John’s home in Matagorda, find more information here: